All Hail The Locals: Walnut Creek Coffee Catering Can Turn A Simple Even Into A Truly Unforgettable One

June 5, 2016 - Party Catering

Coffee catering makes every morning and mid-morning meeting a worthwhile event, especially when you hire coffee caterers from Walnut Creek. Despite the undeniable lure of San Francisco and the robust and ever-changing economy of Silicon Valley, some of the best businesses in the greater Bay Area lie on the other side of the Caldecott Tunnel. While BART bustles countless passengers to the Embarcadero Station and their jobs on Market Street, numerous builders, developers, construction companies, private schools, banking institutions and restaurants thrive in areas like Orinda, Antioch, Oakley, Martinez and Walnut Creek. On this side of the bridge, the weather is decidedly warmer, the sun shines a bit brighter and the coffee tastes amazing. Those who live and work in Contra Costa County often attribute the rich, bold taste of the morning brews served in this region to the cultivated appreciation of the finer things that most locals inherently possess. While Contra Costa residents are just a stone’s throw away from the wineries of Napa and the surf and turf of Jack London Square, they have their own simple and carefree style.

Hot Tea Catering Celebrates The Cultural Diversity Of The Region

From Pleasant Hill all the way to the rugged hills that lead down into the Black Diamond mines and beyond, the Walnut Creek area is filled with Northern Californians who have gradually migrated out of and away from major cities in order to live at a markedly slower pace, make the most of what they have and experience life to the fullest. Rather than struggling to find a reasonably-priced parking space or a downtown street that allows left-hand turns, they’re happy to pay their boat docking fees, join local PTAs, hike the scenic, local trails and enjoy coffees and teas that aren’t served by harried baristas at major coffee chains. They are a diverse bunch and thus, they appreciate spicy chai tea lattes just as much as they love bright yellow, lemon zinger. When you order coffee and hot tea catering for your next Walnut Creek event, you can grace your guests with buttery scones, flaky croissants, sweet, ginger-peach teas, and dark, lusty coffees with aromatic hints of hazelnut and cinnamon. It’s the slower pace here that allows for the attention to detail and it’s the appreciation of otherness that has led to such an impressive array of truly decadent fare.

Who We Are In Contra Costa County

Sadly, cities like Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Martinez rarely get mentioned in television commercials that tout the benefits of visiting California. This is the land of the very sands that were used to rebuild San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and yet it is still overlooked. Here, you can hike to the top of Mt. Diablo and leave silent footprints in the snow during the early months of spring. There’s plenty of good fishing here and good people too. They aren’t the hasty, “grab a doughnut and go” type consumers who are always dashing off to do something else. They’re the “order continental breakfast catering” type, the kind of people you love meeting with mid-morning. Whether hosting a fundraising event at a local school or motivating a sluggish, construction crew, your fellow Contra Costa residents know what they like and your trusted coffee caterer will make sure that the buffet table holds something you like too.