Explore The Diversty of Walnut Creek

June 26, 2016 - Party Catering

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city of Walnut Creek is known for the rich assortment of amenities
that it provides for its residents. These may range from farmers
markets, shopping centers to great parks and schools. This city has
many small businesses including Walnut Creek Catering Company. The
strength of this economy is biotechnology and healthcare. The Art and
Wine Festival and diversity of restaurants has earned this city a
spot on the Top 10 Foodie Cities List. Several other top attractions
are the Gardens at Heather Farm, Art galleries and live
entertainment. You can enjoy hamburger catering, slider catering and
hot dog catering while taking in the local sites.

Creek Is known as the jewel of the East Bay and it retains residents
while drawing visitors with its many amenities, including carnival
catering for cultural attractions.The thriving economy, outdoor
destinations and diverse dining scene of over 100 restaurants, clearly
shows the reasons for being in the Top 10. It has also been ranked as
one of the 100 best places to live. This is no surprise as this city
is surrounded by about six international airports, shopping and
dining experiences and some of the greatest schools California has to offer.

in Walnut Creek means enjoying all that the big city has to offer
without the frustrating traffic jams and high cost of living. This
has resulted in corporations such as California State Automobile
Association moving its corporate headquarters to Walnut Creek from
San Francisco. Strong support from a tight-knit community ensures
small business also thrives in this city. So many businesses have
relocated to Walnut Creek because they are significantly less
expensive than San Francisco.

enjoy hot dog catering, slider catering and hamburger catering when
visiting Walnut Creek. This city is a far more livable place than San
Francisco as it is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and artists. One
of the largest community arts programs in California, the City of
Walnut Creek’s Civic Arts Education program finds its home here. This
program offers classes in drama, music, photography, digital media,
dance, sculpture, ceramics and more. It is also open to children,
teens and adults.

Lesher Center For Arts where visitors enjoy Carnival catering and live performances all
year long is located here. Bedford Gallery is also a part of the
Center and it exhibits works that have been created by modern,
contemporary and historic artists in five or six annual exhibitions.
Panel discussions, workshops and lectures are also held here. Mount
Diablo is on offer when it comes to getting active. This is part of
California’s world famous state park system. Visitors are able to
bike to the summit, hike the extensive trail system, or explore the
remote trails while on horseback. Mount Lassen, Farallon Islands, San
Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from the summit.

of Heather Farm may be the ideal destination for those who do not
feel adventurous. This low key experience includes 20 sustainable
gardens which are open to the public, covering six acres. Regardless
of the seasons, Walnut Creek offers plenty family friendly activities
for all community members.