Factors to Consider When Looking for a Corporate Catering Partner

June 24, 2016 - Dishes

The right corporate catering service can make all the
difference when planning a business event. As many organizers will attest, choosing
the best caterer can indeed take a great deal of pressure off the organizers. If
you are considering any business or office catering service for your next event
or for your employees, there are a few pertinent points that you need to take
into consideration so as to find the most appropriate service provider that
suits your needs.

The first thing you need to do when choosing an off-site
catering service is to set your budget first before you even begin interviewing
potential service providers. One of the most common mistakes people make is to
start looking for a service provider before even coming up with a budget. Setting
a budget before consulting any service provider is highly recommended since it
puts you in-charge of any negotiations. This also makes it very easy for you to
settle on facts such as staff requirements, food costs as well as menu
offerings. It is also worth mentioning that many clients fall into the trap of
failing to set strict budgetary limits, only to find their final costs wildly ballooning
beyond what they had envisaged.

Just like any other business in the service industry, the rule
of thumb is that before you sign a contract with any provider; make sure you
compare several service providers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and get as
many clarifications as you may need or require. Make sure you get some
referrals or recommendations from the caterer. Get first hand information from
these referrals, get to know from them if the service was up to standard and if
not, take note of any complaints they may have raised against the service provider.

When you are interviewing service providers, it is important
to ask them about what they are offering in terms of staff. Depending on the event, be it a business,
dinner or lunch catering function, you may need to arrange for dishwashers,
prep-chefs, cooks, bartenders as well as waiters. It is important to note that
it is the behind the scenes operations of any business catering event that
makes the event memorable. It is therefore very important to ensure that the
service provider you choose can provide you with a whole package of services,
ranging from set up to service provision as well as set-up before you sign any

Finally, refreshments and food are usually at the heart of
almost all catering needs. In this regard, a good caterer should be able to
walk you through several menu samples that are within your price range. Irrespective
of your price point, a good caterer should be able to offer both full course
and buffet menus and should also be able to accommodate any dietary
restrictions which may be unique with some of your guests. The final menu that
you will be offered should fit your event, whether it is a formal sit down
dinner, a buffet or an informal cocktail party. A good caterer should also be
able to offer you menu tastings which should include everything, from desserts
to hor d’oeuvres.