How to Find the Perfect Caterer in Martinez for Your Event

May 30, 2016 - Dishes

Are you planning an event in Martinez? Well what is an event without good food right? There are many good Martinez catering companies. But how do you find the best catering service that is apt for you? Here are few pointers to consider while considering a caterer from Martinez:

Setting the budget : very important

First and foremost, you need to decide a budget. You need to know how much you are willing to shell. This will make your negotiations better. It will also make everything else smooth and easy – like setting the menu, the number of staff requirements, so on and so forth. Many people make the mistake of not setting any budget and find themselves at the mercy of the caterer. This will most probably end up in sky rocketed bills. So, even before thinking of companies offering catering in Martinez, sit back and decide how much money you are willing to spend per guest and estimate the maximum number of guests that could be a part of your event. Then go and talk to a caterer by telling your financial restrictions. This always gives you an edge and puts you in the driver’s seat.

How to make an initial list

Do some local research in Martinez. If you have friends, ask them their opinion about the best caterer in Martinez. Also ask them to ask around as well. Word of mouth is always one of the best ways to find the most popular services especially when it comes to food. Moreover you are asking people you can trust, which is way better than following an advertisement.

Make the list shorter based on your requirement

Consider what the caterer is known for. Some are known for their expertise in wedding events while others are great at cocktail parties. Again shortlist your list based on your event and their specialty.

Schedule meetings

Now that you have shortlisted a few Martinez catering services, it is time to go and schedule meetings with each. The caterer should be able to offer you multiple menus within your budget. This is what sets the best from the rest. They should also be able to tackle unusual dietary preferences of a few guests (like veganism, etc.). Good Martinez caterers always schedule a menu tasting session. If they do not offer such a service or after tasting their sample, you are not impressed – reject them immediately.

Ensure their quality

You should enquire about the food freshness. Some caterers heat up frozen food instead of cooking them freshly. It is also wise to call the local health department to enquire about the Martinez caterers you have shortlisted to know if they have been caught recently for violating any food safety norms.

Finally once you make a deal, read the contract thoroughly before signing anything. Make sure there are no tricky clauses which can hold you responsible in case things go wrong. Remember, you are hosting an event – the welfare of all your guests is your responsibility. These tips should be more than enough to help you to find that perfect caterer from Martinez. Events are occasions of rejoice, top quality food is like icing in the cake!