How to Successfully Plan for Personal Themed Catering Parties

July 1, 2016 - Celebration Catering

Are you planning to host a unique party that is customized to
meet the unique needs of your friends, business associates or family members? Today,
almost everyone has a unique taste and personal preferences that you must
consider before preparing the foods and drinks for your party. In this occasion,
you need to accord greater importance to the process of selecting the right
event caterer. You cannot just walk into any party catering provider and hire
their services. You need to understand that event catering is the most
sensitive part of your party. Unlike other events, if the guests are not
satisfied with the foods, drinks or the servings, they are more likely to leave
the party disappointed irrespective of the other aspects of your party.

On the other hand, if the party catering is unique and
beyond the imagination of your guests, it is likely to be a point of reference
for other party organizers irrespective of the other aspects of the party. Therefore,
you cannot afford to make mistakes when choosing an event caterer. There are
two aspects of the event catering that you must consider to ensure the likeliness
of hosting a lively, memorable party. The first aspect is the uniqueness of
your party including your preferences and the needs of your guests. The second
aspect is the ability of the party caterers including the menu and the extra

How unique is your party?

Before contacting an event caterer, you need to have a clear
planning of what you want in your party including the special details such as
what the guests like. The first thing that you must consider is the number of
guests. It would be shameful to tell your guests that they cannot be served
because the food and drink are exhausted while it will also be wasteful and
uneconomical to prepare foods that will be leftover after the party. You can
ensure adequate servings by planning for a specific number of guests. For example,
if you are planning to host 50 guests, you should make food arrangements for
about 65 people to help run out of food for your guests.

Other things that should be at your finger tips include the
sitting arrangement, budget, venue, cleaning arrangement and transportation. You
also need to know the culture and caliber of your guests to know the kind of
food and drink that you should offer at your party. It would not be wise to
offer intercontinental dishes while expecting locals.

The catering aspect

You need to understand that catering parties successfully is
an art that combines hard work, training and experience. The right caterer
should offer the basics that include scrumptious recipes, food safety and
tactful customer service. In addition to the basics, the best party caterers
should also offer unique services customized to meet the needs of your guests. For
example, you need to ensure that the prospective event caterer has the capacity
and ability to server the number of the guests you are expecting within your
budget limits. You should also ensure that the provider offers customized catering
events to make your party feel personal including your favorite dishes and
recipes. The best party caterers in Walnut Creek, California like the Walnut
Creek catering company work with you to create catering parties menus that are