Professional Concord Gourmet Catering Services

April 10, 2016 - Celebration Catering

Walnut Creek Catering Company is a
professional caterer, offering gourmet catering services in Concord,
California. Our passion is to provide you the best food, specially made for
your refined taste and passion. Our Concord
gourmet caterers prepare your food properly, ensure it is well seasoned
and artfully presented to your liking. We deliver the most sophisticated taste,
designs and presentations

Concord, Californian facility is a campus of buildings that houses our sales
department, executives and showroom, kitchen, laundry and linens, glassware,
silver and party rentals. Our experienced team delivers a mixture and a variety
of events beyond weddings. It is our passion to specialize in and serve the
corporate clients with the greatest demands. Basically, we are driven by a
passion for the best food and life. We encourage our clients to borrow and be
inspired by different elements and we tailor these needs to meet their exact
requirements and demands. Every client demand and details are brought into life.
We use an innovative and fresh approach, incorporating different global flavors
from different corners of the wild with a touch of cuisine.

you are planning you want it at the Newhall Community Park, Markham Nature
Park, Diablo Creek Golf Course, or Bay Area Ski bus, we got you covered. We
cover for your gourmet needs in California, Concord, whether at a nearby venue,
parks or landmarks. We are equipped with our own fleet of trucks, refrigerated
and equipped for professional and safe transfer of beverages and food. Our
rental department provides you with a wide variety and choices of chairs,
different sizes of tables, amongst others. Others include tents, heaters,
props, lighting, supply, etc.

Here at Walnut Creek Catering Company, we offer you the best Concord
catering services:

Unique Locations:
Whether you are planning for an enchanted wedding, a high profile corporate
event, or a simple casual gathering our team can help you find the perfect
location for your event. We will offer you exclusive services at the unique Claremont
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic gardens. We have a huge list of the best places that
fits your budget and demands.

Superb Cuisine: When you come to Concord gourmet catering, our chefs’ reputation stands out. We
serve you food that pleases the eye, served with the most appealing

Trained Staff: Behind our excellent
services is backed by staff that have the passion for what they do. We
attribute our success to our loyal staffs who has managed to take the business
where it is today.

Creativity: Keep your guest talking; make them
want to refer others to “that special restaurant†that made it happen. From the
table top presentation, all the way to the menu, we make it perfect.

Beverages: You do not have to visit
a casino or a five star hotel to get a five star bartending service here in
Concord. We have an assortment of bartending services including spirits, wine
and beer.

Things to look for in a good gourmet caterer:

Before you settle down on a single
restaurant for your gourmet services, you need to consider a number of things:

1). Reputation, reputation and
reputation. When you can’t hear good things about the company from other people,
then there must be a problem.

2). Experience. Have a meeting with
the chef and from the word go, you will have the feel and the kind of
experience the chef brings to the table

3). Wow factor: How does the
restaurant deliver the food? Here at Walnut
Creek Catering Company, we create experiences, and give our customers
the best they will never forget. We understand that a good food must be served I
the best way, not just thrown on the table.

We are proud that we are in a position to deliver all that,
and it is time you give us a visit or make your booking.

you are looking forward to a glamorous or on budget birthday party, a wedding,
corporate conference, family event, girls day out, a group date or any other
event, we make it possible. There is no better team that we have, we keep it
simple, professional and meet the demands. We have the resources and the
capacity to make your dream catering Concord event
successful through our years of experience and expertise.