Using Memorial Service Caterers

June 25, 2016 - Dishes

Experiencing a death in the family is a very traumatic experience. It also means that there will be a funeral or memorial service that needs to be planned. This is not a time that you or your family needs to be worrying about food. Funeral catering is one way to take this load off of your plate and ensure that the funeral service goes smoothly. You might be wondering what is the best way to work with funeral caterers? These tips will help you navigate funeral and memorial service catering whether or not you are in the Walnut Creek, California area.

Decide on the Appropriate Food

You want to make sure that the food you select is something that everyone in attendance will be able to enjoy. Think about the location and the people who will be attending. How many different age groups will be present and how much space does the location have? Sometimes seating areas can be limited. To make things more convenient many people choose to have finger foods rather than plated meals. This eliminates the need for servers and seating space. You should also consider that many guests may have special diets. For this reason a variety of foods with gluten free and vegetarian options is usually best. The goal may not be to please everyone, but you should want everyone to be as comfortable as possible.

Consider Offering a Buffet

Again, the location is a key factor here. If the event is outdoors you will need to take this into consideration as that will greatly affect your memorial service catering. You have to anticipate the space, weather, and pests. You may need containers and covers to keep the food safe and secure.

If the funeral catering is taking place inside, space is still a consideration. People will need to have the room necessary to move around the buffet table without bumping into each other or any other objects. It is helpful if the buffet table can be arranged in an area where both sides can be utilized at once. This decreases the time needed for everyone to be served as well as the congestion. People will have more time to talk and mingle with each other.

Plan for Deserts

Desert may be the number one item that people eat at a funeral or memorial. You will want to make sure that the memorial service caterers you choose have good desert options. It is no secret that many people like to eat sweets in times of sadness. It is recommended that you provide multiple options. Consider things like chocolate and pies. Again, you want to be aware of special dietary needs. It would be a shame for a diabetic relative to not be able to have any desert. Everyone should be able to have a special treat.

Make Arrangements as Soon as Possible

After a death things can seem to move very quickly. Securing funeral caterers should not be something that is put off. Caterers require some advanced notice in order to plan and prepare. If you wait until the last minute it can severely limit your options and put your caterer in an uncomfortable position.


A funeral is a time to honor the memory of a loved one and celebrate their life. Funeral catering is one way that you can put all of your focus on this process instead of worrying about the details of providing food. Good funeral caterers will be sensitive to your needs and the situation you are facing. If you follow the tips above, you will be able to focus on your loved one, instead of worrying about the food being prepared and served.