June 10, 2016 - Celebration Catering

California is a state famous for
its beaches, glamorous lifestyle, and the rich diversity of food that condensed
in the state creating a culinary experience that can’t be found anywhere else
in the world. The people in California know this real well, especially in
Walnut Creek, were college students have daily activities were they try to
express themselves through culture and knowledge. However, not always they find time to cook
for this events and it can be hard to find a true company that can objectify
the flavors of the cultures of California. However, last month I tried for the
first time Walnut Creek Catering Company and I was surprised.

Walnut Creek Catering Company is a
catering company rich in tradition and rich in flavor. Located in the heart of Walnut
Creek, California the company has made catering simple for years. From salads
to desserts Walnut Creek Catering Company has been catering weddings, corporate
events, parties, and social events for years.

However, their specialty is
catering and serving the student body around Walnut Creek. For years, Walnut
Creek Catering Company has developed an expertise in campus catering all around
the area. Your school colors are as important as the service provided. The
staff is really helpful and all they care about is the client’s overall
satisfaction. College catering can be hard, however this company knows it and I
can assure you they are great college caterers. Last month some of my friends
and I had a social gathering near Saint Mary’s College of California and
ordered pastas and salad for a bunch of people. Needless to say, the food was
fresh and tasty, the service was perfect and the staff was incredibly helpful
when planning the menu. I would say they are by far the best saint Mary’s
catering service there is.

With a wide variety of breakfast,
salads, sandwiches, appetizers, pasta, meat dishes, Mexican dishes, side
dishes, desserts, and beverages Walnut Creek Catering Company can surprise even
the most picky eaters. The Cajun chicken pasta, the roasted vegetable lasagna,
the champagne shrimp and pasta, the roasted red potatoes with rosemary and (of
course) the make your own taco bar, are all house specials that people love. Last
month when we ordered, we got some baby spinach and baby arugula salad (which
has a tasty and fresh flavor) and some champagne shrimp and pasta (which was
really well served) and it was all fantastic. So if you are in Walnut Creek,
California in an area close to Saint Mary’s College, Walnut Creek Catering
company is definitely recommended, they are some of the best saint Mary’s
caterers there are as of right now.

However, if you are no college
student do not worry. Walnut Creek Catering Company works with any kind of
social gathering or any event that requires their professional service. The
years of experience are behind their crew and their amiability is off the
charts. So don’t hesitate in ordering the delicious food and awesome service
from Walnut Creek Catering Company, you won’t regret it!